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Perusing quaint shops for unique items is one of the staples of your visit to Historic Downtown Millersburg. You might scout any national retail chain to fill your cart with made-in-China merchandise, but the locally-owned shops of Millersburg are sure to delight you with handmade, refurbished, and repurposed goods that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Millersburg is famous for its eclectic antique stores. Once you’re inside amidst the cornucopia of fascinating treasures, there’s no telling what you might find. Five antique and collectibles shops in Downtown Millersburg feature an ever-changing assortment of glass items, clocks, toys, antique guns, and painstakingly refurbished furniture and other local treasures. Carnival glass bowls, trays, and other historic pieces reflect Millersburg’s short-lived but celebrated history of glass making. Furniture and other items made from recovered barn wood also are among the phenomenal merchandise that is abundant in Millersburg.

From old-time decorative relics to usable kitchen and household items to captivating antique jewelry, Millersburg’s antique shops offer fabulous examples of how to make trash into treasure.

Even Millersburg’s clothing stores are unique. Intended for general English consumers, one features locally designed, hand-sewn Amish-made attire, while another emphasizes a modern cowboy feel in women’s clothing.

Looking for something for the kids or grandkids? The youngsters are sure to be intrigued by the family-owned toy shop that focuses on quality, educational toys.

Downtown Millersburg’s interesting shops are congregated into a vibrant three-block, easily walkable area. With a plethora of locally owned pubs and diners mixed in, visitors conveniently take a break for lunch or a snack — then get back to their shopping.

Once the shops close for the day, Millersburg’s dining and entertainment establishments are just getting revved up. While many Amish Country towns are shutting down for the evening, Millersburg’s eateries are gearing up with selections that range from barbecue to Angus burgers to pizza — and a large selection of local and regional wine and beer. Friendly pubs, which offer live evening entertainment, particularly on the weekends, are wonderful venues in which to relax with family or meet new friends and interesting people.