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Few homes spark as much curiosity and fascination for so many different reasons as Millersburg’s Victorian House and Museum, located right in the heart of Ohio’s largest Amish settlement.

The 28-room restored Queen Anne-style mansion, which is listed on the National Register of Historic places, demonstrates startling architectural beauty while containing intriguing historical items that rekindle the region’s earlier years. The home has appeared on HGTV and in Victorian Homes Magazine.

The old mansion not only becomes a focal point of Millersburg’s popular Halloween activities, but its reputation for housing year-round spirits also has captivated people who are interested in the paranormal.

And, during the Christmas season, the Victorian House wears its most dazzling and festive dress of the year. Every room is cheerfully decorated, with a Christmas tree gracing just about every room.

The home was built by wealthy industrialist L.H. Brightman, whose company, Brightman Manufacturing Co., made steel shafting used for the transmission of power in the U.S and abroad. Brightman’s factory was located in Millersburg until it moved to Shelby, Ohio around 1903. In 1906, the home was purchased by a group of physicians who made it into a sanitarium, which may help to explain some of the remaining “occupants.”

The museum inside the mansion is packed with historical items, including baseball uniforms, dresses, old photographs, musical instruments and strange medical equipment dating back to the 1800s.

Around Halloween each year, the Victorian House holds a spooky Ghost Walk during which visitors might catch a glimpse of one of the mansion’s “residents.” Visitors at all times of the year have revealed strange experiences, particularly on the home’s third floor.

And, around the holidays, a celebration “Holidays at the Mansion” is held that offers holiday tours.

At the end of your visit, be sure to sample some of Downtown Millersburg’s diverse selections of food — and perhaps some spirits of another kind. When many Amish Country towns are shutting down for the evening, Millersburg is just getting started.