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Strange things happen in some of Downtown Millersburg’s old buildings.

An address once occupied by the old Maxwell Brothers & Co. clothing store, established around 1866, may still be inhabited by one of its former owners. But old Maxwell has been known to show up in his old office from time to time. Visitors have insisted that they can hear him at night, pacing back and forth in the place where he used to count his money back in the 1800s. They say they’ve walked by at night and saw his shadow on the wall.

The eerie happenings inside some of Millersburg’s most famous structures can be explored during the town’s annual Boo in the Burg historical building tours, to be held around Halloween each year. Appropriately, for participants who may need help settling their nerves, Millersburg’s Ohio Wine Tasting event will be held concurrently with the tour.

Guests will be guided through some of our historic and fascinating buildings, like the Antique Emporium and the Old Jail. Guides will provide interesting historical facts along with some of the even more interesting weird stories associated with the buildings.

Participants also get the opportunity to use ghost-busting tools — and they can get pretty spooked when they go off. Whether you’re into history or the macabre, this is a very fun and interesting event.

Boo in the Burg tickets cost $5 per person and will be available Downtown.

Meanwhile, Ohio Wine Tasting, held behind the Old Jail on Court Street, will feature samples from eight Ohio wineries. A cheese-tasting fundraiser will be held. Live music will help to drown out the groans and squeals coming from the town’s haunted buildings.

To complete the weird pre-Halloween weekend, local pubs and restaurants all will be open to provide food, drink and entertainment.

Although Millersburg is famous for its antiques, quaint shops, and old-fashioned, small-town charm, its evening entertainment is another big reason to pay an extended visit.